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Did you know that the cannabis industry is looking for millennials to join the new fast-growing cannabis workforce? (Ready to jump in? Read this article first.) Let us explain why! More than 1 in 3 American labor force participants (35%) are millennials, making them the largest generation in the U.S. labor force year to date.

More Millennial Jobs are Available as Baby Boomers Retire

According to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, millennials are defined as people ages 21 to 36. It was found in 2017 that 56 million millennials were working, or were in search of the “perfect job.” Jobs are beginning to become more abundantly open due to the Baby Boomer generation entering the retirement phase of their lives. As our millennial generation is looking for the best job that fits them, it is important that we educate our peers on the benefits of cannabis and how working in the legal cannabis space is a great career option. 

Cannabis is Engaging Work, Which Millennials Enjoy

Past generations have given millennials involved in the modern workforce a bad reputation of being lazy, entitled, and glued to their phones. This lack of engagement on the clock comes from several reasons. However, the #1 reason projected from data is that the lack of engagement comes from their ability to navigate careers until they find work that increase their levels of engagement. One major contribution to their career navigation is due to the lack of fear. Sixty-three percent of those surveyed believed that they would find a job as good as the one they have if they were let go. Half of the surveyed millennials claim to be actively looking for a new job or new openings within their current company. The cannabis space provides an engaging environment for millennials which continues to boost their curiosity and love of consistency in the work place. 

With a Career in the Cannabis Industry, The Mission is Clear

Millennials prefer to work for companies that have meaning and a purpose in what they do. They want to be constantly learning new things and developing at a job that fits their lifestyle. Surveys have found that millennials want to work for companies that provide solid footing and are poised for growth. The more stable they view an organization, the more likely they may be to see a future there. Cannabis has been surrounded by such a stigma for so long, and now that it is finally in a position to be welcomed by the general public, it is a fantastic industry to get involved with if you feel a desire to be tied to a mission. Promoting and working around cannabis (like Malory does with photography) helps bring the marijuana movement to the next level.

Cannabis Culture Requires Little Experience

Although one would think with the millennial generation being the highest in demand currently and one that is shaping how we conceptualize work, that millennials would not have a problem getting a job. However, they are still having issues with finding employment with or without a degree, with millennial-aged unemployment rates standing at a 12.8% national average. Most of the entry level job positions are asking for applicants to have enough years of experience to replace positions that the past generations held. This is an issue for college graduates that are graduating from four-year universities and even with higher level degrees. Their lack of experience makes them less eligible for the job even though they spent the last four to eight years getting degrees that are required as well by the job description.

The factors that contribute to these workforce issues are overconfidence and expectations, inward focus, misplaced education and job difficulty. In the cannabis industry, everything is so new, so understandably, it is hard to find anyone that has been legally operating for more than a few years. This provides large amounts of opportunity to millennials coming out of college, since their skills are transferrable and if they have a passion for the business, their experience in the field will be less important. 

Cannabis is a Dream Job, No Need to Continue to Look

Statistics support the statement that this generation is overconfident. They look to start out working with a position that has a high level of responsibility and salary. If they can’t find their “dream job” they give up and stop looking entirely. Having these high expectations are crushing their potential. Many employers find recent college graduates being underdeveloped with key workplace skills, which are not taught at most universities. This makes it hard for the highly confident college graduate to land the most basic jobs.

With a current workforce saturated with entry level positions requiring 3-5 years of experience, millennials are forced to accept unpaid internships to gain the experience necessary to be hired. Now that cannabis has become legal in over 30 states, graduates are being actively recruited for jobs in this fastest growing industry. College graduates in Agriculture, Science, Finance, Business, and the Arts are going to have an easier time scoring careers in the Adult Use and Medical Use marijuana industries.

There are accredited universities such as Ohio State, Northern Michigan University, UC Davis, University of Vermont and The University of Washington offering courses on the biology and use of marijuana as well as legal issues around it. Delaware Valley University teaches their agriculture students cultivating techniques like hydroponics, the most favorably used growing technique that cannabis cultivators are using to produce the best genetics. This makes these students highly valuable in the current cannabis industry that is offering starting cultivators out of college with a degree $70,000!

Are You Ready To Get Involved?

The opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the cannabis space is massive, and the opportunity for millennials is even larger. This is a real business and we must put the most educated people in to fill these positions! At the end of the day people are using cannabis as a medicine so it is important that universities are accepting the science of cannabis as a legitimate course of study. If you’re looking to get involved, join our society and start networking today! We can help you connect with companies that are looking to hire, and help you take the first step on your path to success in this industry.

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