Cannabis Entrepreneur

Our members have a lot to contribute to the cannabis community, and Earnest is no different. Working with cannabis companies of all kind, Earnest has a passion for promotion, sales and volunteering. Here’s a bit about him and how he can help you if you own a cannabis company:

My name is Earnest Galvan. I’m 28 years old, and I’ve been a medical marijuana patient for about 10 years. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and also was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, so I was taking a lot of medication I didn’t like. I was suffering from the side effects a lot, like headaches any time I wasn’t on the medication or lose of appetite. It was very frustrating, and as I got older I started looking for alternative medication.

Cannabis Entrepreneur

What sparked my interest in the cannabis community?

I started to do research on the benefits and side effects of marijuana, and I was shocked to find so many benefits and very little side effects. I switched from pills to marijuana, and noticed right away that I wasn’t having headaches all the time, and I was able to eat and sleep comfortably. I also started going to events, and realized that there are other people that believe in the same practice as I do, of dosing with marijuana for their issues instead of pill medications that can damage your body. Those two factors are the biggest two reasons I believe in the marijuana industry.

How can I help support the marijuana movement?

I have a passion for using cannabis as a medicine, and once I saw first hand how it changed my life, I started helping other people realize the medicinal side of marijuana. I live in the city of Vista (north county San Diego) and love attending cannabis events like Doobiesesh and Munchiessesh, volunteering for cannabis charities, and getting involved any way I can. I drive to Los Angeles and Orange County daily, so I am always popping into dispensaries for my favorite products, and am happy to promote them so others can learn how they may help with issues they have. 

I think the biggest challenge patients (or adults using recreationally) is obtaining the medicine, so I think it is important to explain to others exactly how the process works, how cannabis can help them, and where to go to get the medicine they need.

Cannabis Entrepreneur

How can I help Cannapreneur Society business members grow?

For cannabis brands with a booth at an event or presence at another event/promotional campaign, I would be happy to come out in person (or virtually) to talk to potential customers about my experience using cannabis as medicine.

The entire growing process fascinates me, so I would be open to an opportunity as a full time trimmer, or part-time help in a grow op. I would love to talk to a few companies about the possibility of becoming a sales rep for them, as I feel my experience speaks for itself and could sell products/services well. My biggest inspiration in the cannabis community is Tommy Chong, and I hope to spread the word about the healing properties of cannabis! If you are a Cannapreneur Society business member, let’s talk and see how we can work together to grow your brand and sell products/services!

You can call or text me at 626 627-0490 or email  for more information or to setup a meeting or call. Connect with me on Instagram at to talk more about opportunities in cannabis or marijuana in general!

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