Malory Cannabis Photographer

Every one of our Cannapreneur Society members has a unique set of skills they bring to the cannabis industry. For me, I love photography. While I do take photos of music, art, events and emotions, cannabis is an area I have been working in more lately, and I am truly loving it. 

Malory Cannabis Photographer

When Did I Start Taking Photos?

I’ve had a love for taking pictures since elementary school. Whether it was a polaroid i-zone camera, a disposable from cvs to stealing and using my parents digital cameras, to finally getting my first point and shoot sony cybershot. It’s always been an on and off hobby for me. There were times I felt like it was time to pursue my dream as a photographer and would let opinions of others get to me that I could never make a life out of being an artist. The voices in my head would tell me that I could never be as good as so many photographers that I looked up to or I’d never be able to afford the equipment I needed.

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October of 2016 I finally decided to shut those thoughts out and just do it. I couldn’t fight the fact that everywhere i went, so many different things I saw, I imagined as a photo that I would want to capture. I saved enough money to buy my first DSLR and have been shooting with a Nikon D3300 since.

Malory Cannabis Photographer

Where Does Cannabis Fit In?

Cannabis has also been a part of my life for quite some time, it’s always helped me with anxiety and elevating my creativity. Now after over 10 years of being a recreational user, I want to surround myself with people who can educate me so that I can spread the knowledge & amazing benefits of cannabis, which is why I joined the Cannapreneur Society. I want to be part of the team that breaks the stigma. It’s a beautiful time for cannabis, people are finally being more open and realizing the good in it, and I want to capture its evolution through my lens.

Malory Cannabis Photographer

What Do I Want to Capture in the Cannabis Community? (Members, I have a discount waiting for you if you have other ideas!)

  • The entire process of cannabis from the seed, to growth, to trimming, to moving, to consumer. (I love a good background/ behind-the-scenes story!)
  • High quality products (showcasing the benefits of THC and CBD)
  • Close up (macro) shots of flower (I find the plant itself so astonishing and beautiful)
  • Cannabis events
  • Lifestyle/art shots of people/women smoking. (Breaking stigma for anyone who thinks smoking is unattractive. Women in cannabis take pride in their lifestyle and have a "IDGAF what people think" attitude)
  • Female entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry (Don’t get me wrong, I love supporting everyone, but I want to see women strive, thrive and show the world you can be successful in this industry)
  • Patient/user stories (I want to dig deep when meeting patients and hearing them tell their stories on how cannabis has helped them/changed their lives for the better)
Malory Cannabis Photographer

If you are a cannabis brand and are interested in setting up a photoshoot for your products/services/brand, please email me at or call/text me at 619-632-7126. I am very passionate about this industry and love helping brands pave their way! I am available to travel and am very flexible on shoot time/days. Members of Cannapreneur Society receive a discount on all my services.

-Malory Galvante, Cannapreneur Society Business Member

Malory Cannabis Photographer

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