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The Cannapreneur Society represents the interests of the tens of millions of Millennials who advocate and use marijuana responsibly. As cannabis becomes more readily and publicly available worldwide, it is extremely important to us to maintain a positive culture and experience for all involved.

In our exclusive membership society, we foster connection and growth between high-authority cannabis brands with a powerful presence online and those who support the industry and want to become part of it. We help shape how cannabis is seen and experienced around the world.

Every business has a beginning, and the Cannapreneur Society may be yours. Current cannabis business owners want to meet up-and-coming enthusiasts that know what opportunities they're interested in or are fascinated with how their passion could lead to a job in the business, or the creation of something new. The Cannapreneur Society sparks those relationships.

Cannabis Entrepreneur

Meet the Founder: Vincent Owens

Vincent “The Cannapreneur” was born in Decatur, Georgia on October 12th, 1992. Growing up he always had a passion for medicine and helping people. He received his BS in Biology from Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama. Alongside his studies, he also joined several mentorship/leadership organizations that strive to uplift minority children in low-income communities and help mentor them in math and science.

After graduating from Tuskegee University in 2014, Vincent pursued a master's degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. During his college experience at Meharry he was first introduced to the health benefits and policies of the cannabis industry. At this pivotal time in his life, with goals of gaining access to medical school, he decided to take a leap of faith into undiscovered territory.

After graduating with his master's degree in public health in 2016, and many months of researching the ever-growing and evolving cannabis market, Vincent moved to San Diego, California to launch the Cannapreneur Society, where he helps entrepreneurs break into the cannabis industry.

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Cannabis Entrepreneur

Membership Options

The Cannapreneur Society gives members access to the private SLACK group, our member's only website updated with new video content, and 20% (or more) discounts to all hosted events. We have two membership options; one for business owners already flourishing in the cannabis industry, and one for those aspiring to dive deeper in the business. (Or just be a supporting advocate!)

Look over these two options to find out which one fits you best:

Cannapreneur Membership

Cannapreneur members will receive exclusive access to weekly video content, discount admission to all feature and monthly pop-up events, and an opportunity to become better known in the industry through our website features and promotion.

Cannapreneur Business Membership

Do you currently work in the cannabis industry? Business members receive exclusive access to our SLACK group, weekly video content, priority booth reservations at feature and monthly pop-up events, and promotion on our website and social channels each month.

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